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Bought 2 1500 Watt 48 Volt Scooters and both quit in 5 days


I purchased two 1500 watt 48 volt electric scooters from Miami. The controllers & wires to them burnt out in less than 5 days on each one. I sense the controllers are not properly paired with the motor but I'm not expert (but I am somewhat mechanically inclined). They were used on hard mowed grass road surfaces and not soft roads/trails.  Any comments would be appreciated from your scooter experience. I beleive the scooters are physicially well built (beyond the motor/controller) but there is something relative to the controller/motor that may not be in sync. The seller is sending me two controllers assuming the motors aren't damaged but what will preven this happening again?

Forgot to include after reading your "going easy" comment.  You cannot stress the scooters.  By stress I mean lugging it on a hill as it will result in a burnout.  That is what happened two days go.  My wife was in soft ground with leaves to boot trying to go up a hill in the woods without a good head start.  The small Euro Terminal Block melted many adjacent controller connections.  Not a problem on hard paved or gravel roads but definitely one on soft woods trails with 3" of leaves covering it.


I need  to clarify that I resolved the issues and purchased 3 more of these scooters for a total of five of them. The wire connectors that originally came with the scooters heated up so much that they melted and fused the surrounding wire connectors in the controller compartment.  When that happens the scooter shuts down as the wires are either disconnected or fused with other wires.  Having overcome all of these issues, now knowing how to correct it, I have to agree these are truly great scooters.  The manufacturer has since modifued these connectors to prevent the same issue from occurring,  I've posted many positive reviews on Amazon, Ebay and Youtube.  When I started this post I knew very little about the scooter but now I'm an expert and have posted many manuals on how to address various issues with them.  All things considered, they are terrific.  I replaced 5 Yamaha QT50's and Riva Razz gas powered mopeds with these and will never go back to gas powered scooters for our use,  Strongly suggest that you visit HyperPowerSports for the scooters that have now been upgraded to 1600 watts. 


Robert I bought the 1600 watt version. And 20 min after riding the chain kept coming off. Took off the wheel and the bearing was burned out?They Sent me a new one and said it was shipped with to tight of a chain. I installed and same issue. Any advice would be appreciated. Thx Schmitty

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