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Please help me figure out what charger I need for my scooter! Thanx!

Hi I was wondering how I can tell or if you can help me find out how many watts the the engine on my electric scooter is and how many volts and amps the charger has to be? I just see that the charger is the round 3 prong one and it looks to be a 24 volt I just wanna make sure so I don't ruine it. Thanx!
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There may be a label on the motor that has its Watts rating printed on it. I can tell by looking the the back of the motor in the attached photos that it is most likely to be a 350 Watt motor.

The Watts rating of the motor does not determine which battery charger the scooter needs though, the Voltage of the battery pack and Ah rating of the batteries is the information that is needed to determine which charger it needs.

If there is a label on the motor then it should have its Voltage rating printed on it. The Voltage rating of the motor will be the same as the battery pack, so if the motor is 24 Volts (24V) then a 24 Volt battery charger would be the right one. If the motor does not indicate its Voltage, then the number of batteries in the pack will need to be counted. A battery pack with two batteries is 24 Volts, and a battery pack with three batteries is 36 Volts.

To figure the Amp rating of the charger that should be used, the Ah rating that is printed on the batteries could be used to determine it. For example 5Ah batteries use a 0.6 Amp or 1 Amp charger, 7Ah through 15Ah batteries use a 1.6 Amp charger, and 18Ah through 22Ah batteries use a 2.5 Amp or 3 Amp charger.

From looking at the size of the scooter in the attached photos I think it would be safe to assume that the batteries are between 7Ah and 15Ah and that a 1.6 Amp charger would be the right size.

Chances are that the scooter needs a 24 Volt 1.6 Amp charger, but it may also need a 36 Volt 1.6 Amp charger so you are doing the right thing by making sure so you do not damage the charger or batteries.

After you figure out what charger it needs it would be great if you could reply back to this forum topic and let us know so other people with the same scooter will know which battery charger they need.

If you know the number of batteries and Ah rating of its batteries please let us know also. If we can figure out these specifications then we will be able to make a parts page for the Lightning electric scooter on our website.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

                            Lighting Electric Scooter

This is what my motor looks like, can u please help me figure out what exact charger to get for it. Thanx!!!✌️
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Thanks for attaching the photo of the motor. That is definitely a 24 Volt scooter so it will need a 24 Volt 1.6 Amp charger. I do not want to assume which output plug the charger needs to have and be wrong. The charger port is where the charger plugs into the scooter. Could you please attach a photo of the charger port so I can verify?
This is what the charger looks like ok.
(83.9 KB)
Thanks for attaching the charger port photo. That is what we call a three port or 3P charger port. The item number of the charger for that electric scooter is CHR-24V1.6A3P which is available on this page:

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