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Installing circuit breaker or fuse, and on/off switch on Wilderness Energy Systems Worksman Port-o-Trike

I need to replace a 36V 600W 35 Max Amp Brushed Motor speed controller. The on/off switch and fuse were built into the controller.  I believe I can replace the controller alone with item SPD 36750A, which appears to have the same 2 prong connector or 36800A if I change connectors. It appears both would work with the thumb throttle THR 1000-2.  I will replace my current throttle since it will not be compatible to the new controller. Please let me know if I am correct in this research.  Which brings me to, how do I install a circuit breaker or fuse, and on/off switch?  I know they need to be attached between the battery and controller, but I do not know which parts to purchase and how and where to attach them, and what connectors to use, etc. since they were previously part of the controller.   I would appreciate any insight and directions you can give me.  Thank you.

Those fuse holders come from the factory like that. The copper contacts inside the fuse holder oxidize from the heat and chemicals in the plastic when they are molded into the fuse holder. That is completely normal and it will not create any problems with the fuse making contact with the fuse holder contacts. I would go ahead and use it as is. Of course if you have any problems with the fuse holder after installation please let us know and we will be glad to replace it with a new unit.

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