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Intermittent scooter operation

I have a Fortress 4 wheel scooter that has intermittent electrical problems. 

 1.  The key does not always turn on the scooter.  I have to remove and replace the key to operate the scooter. When I insert the key, I can hear a relay click on but this does not always happen

 2.  When driving, the scooter may suddenly stop and then start again. Sometimes this happens based on how loose or how tight I press on the throttle.

3.  When driving or standing still, the scooter may lose its electrical connections and the key needs to be removed and replaced. 

Those type of problems could be caused by the key switch, a bad connector, a relay, or even the controller. I am leaning towards it most likely being the key switch from the way the problems are described. Since the scooter may stop and start again depending on how the throttle is held that points more towards a bad connector though.

I would check the continuity of the key switch with a multimeter and see if it reacts the way it should when the key is on and off, and if the continuity breaks when the key is wiggled. I would also look at and pull and tug on the key switch connector to make sure that it is not causing the problem. Performing those tests should help point you in the right direction.

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