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speed controll

I have a X Treme XB 504 e bike 500w.I have a ??? Can put a 750 W speed controll 48v or a 1000 w speed control 48 v on my scooter ????

I checked and the X-Treme XB504 electric bicycle specifications shows that it has a 500 Watt brushless hub motor. You could put 1000 Watt controller on the bike but the motor would most likely run hot and could possibly overheat and burn out as a result. It would be best to keep the controller at between 500-750 Watts so the motor runs cool and does not overheat.

I have a 3 wheel electric bike from beijixing electric its 48v 500w

trottle voltage:1.1v-4.2v

phase angle 120

lowvoltage 42v+0.5v

break pulse low

the bike is to fast for kids I want to reduce the speed by changing the controller, I have learned that there is a controller which can be shorted to have a half effect speed, can anyone help me which controller should I buy in replacement for my current controller

Some of our controllers have wires which can be shorted together to make the motor go slower. I can check and see if we have one that will work on the bike.

Emilson, do you know if the bike has a brushed motor with two thick wires, or a brushless motor with three thick wires and five or six thin wires?
I think this is brushless I have a photo of the controller and the wiring, not really sure weather its brushless please see attached photo
(181 KB)
(1.69 MB)
(186 KB)
(1.76 MB)
I have an extreme xb504 500 watt 48 volt electric scooter I need to buy a new controller what is the highest upgrade I can buy without changing anything but the controller thank you

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