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Rear brake on Razor 500 electric scooter

The rear brake on my grandsons' scooter is not stopping the scooter like it should. I have replaced the caliper and pads, readjusted the cable and it still isn't locking the wheel up. Any suggestions, is it possible the rotor is glazed? 


  thank you


It is not common for a small electric scooter's rotor to become glazed because they run at such low speeds however it is possible. You could try to deglaze the rotor with fine grit sandpaper and see if that helps.

The problem could also be caused by an old brake cable that has broken strands which is stretching under load. If deglazing the rotor does not help then you may want to remove and inspect the brake cable to see if it has any broken strands. If the cable is good but has not been oiled in a while then oiling it will usually improve braking. I have also noticed that sometimes replacing an old brake cable and housing with a new one will improve the braking performance.

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