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Controller for Panterra 3 wheeler mobilty scooter

Which of the 24v 350 Watt units at Electric Scooter Parts is correct for my poor, jinxed scooter?

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I do not have a parts compatibility list for the Panterra 3 Wheel mobility scooter so I do not know which replacement controller to recommend. Is there any way that you can take a photo of the old controller showing its wires and connectors and attach it so I can see if I can match it up to one that we have?

my new Panterra scooter runs fine, but I need the operator manual is one available?

Glad to hear it, Richard! That's very encouraging. I need a manual too, and the technical documentation...if there ever was any. I love my scooter when it runs, but it just sat in a storage locker for years before I bought it, and it has had one problem after another. I don't need a controller right now; I was just planning for an inevitable future time. Cheers from Salem, Oregon!
Also, thank you ESP Support. I'll send a photo of the controller the next time it's apart.

My scooter was also in storage and I'll buy new batteries for it! But. Does the scooter have a reverse I'm having trouble finding a control for it, if there is one!!! That is the main reason for the manual request!!

No. There is no reverse. The scooter was intended to be used outdoors, and no reverse was installed; supposedly to cut down on the weight and cost. How many ampere hours are the batteries that came with your scooter? Just for kicks, I'm attaching a photo of my scooter to make sure we're talking about the same thing.
(44.6 KB)
Now that I see the attached photo of the scooter I recognize it as being a common E-Scooter type of scooter. Most of the parts on E-Scooter 24 Volt 500 Watt 3-Wheel scooter page should be compatible with it. Here is the page link:

Installing a controller with reverse and a reverse switch on the handlebars should be fairly straightforward with our controller item # SPD-24500R and handlebar switch item # SWT-21.

Most of these type of scooters would have an assembly instruction manual that showed how to assemble the scooter after it was taken out of the box. Some of them would also have a simple owners manual. However if their manuals were not posted online then they may now be lost forever. These are simple machines though and figuring out their controls should not be very difficult.

Because of their simplicity and use of universal and commonly available electric scooter parts; finding parts, repairing, modifying, and upgrading them should be a fairly easy task.

Thanks, ESP Support. I looked at the parts page, and got worried. My scooter is only 350 Watts. Can we sort of mix and match? A reverse gear would definitely be a plus!
A 500 Watt controller is the optimal size for a 350 Watt motor. It is good, but not necessary,  to have the controller rated a little higher than the motor. That helps keep the controller running cool so it does not burn out.

I have had a few of these about 12-14 years ago. they used to cost 300 new. I put a 2hp briggs and straton edger motor on one with a huge clutch and chain. It got over 40mph. it was a death trap. It was good to see one on here for that memory.

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