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Terminator ES-04 Electric Scooter Wiring Schematic Help

I recently obtained this model of scooter and discovered that it has fried wiring in a number of places so I am wondering if I can just rewire everything with new controller and other needed parts but I do not have the owner's manual for my scooter and obtaining one that is complete seems to be more of a challenge than one would expect,my question is can I change what fuse type this scooter takes and if so then what wiring guide will be most helpful in the total rewiring of my scooter?

This is the Diagram that comes with the ES Series Terminator Scooters maybe that will help. 


The wiring diagram indicates that red (+) and green (-) wires go to the battery pack, and the red and black wires go to the motor (red wire is shared with battery pack and motor), and the yellow wire goes to a switch and the other contact of the switch goes to the red wire.

It is normal for the motor and battery pack to share the red wire so that makes sense to me.

I will try that, the way I tried last blew another fuse. So would I be correct is using an automotive toggle switch for the on/off from yellow on controller and red power/motor wire and fuse?

Yes an automotive toggle switch should work, and the wiring diagram shows the switch wired between the yellow controller wire and the red power/motor wire and fuse. That should do the job.

I tried it but the toggle did not turn it on and off the motor just continuously ran but the fuse did not blow,any ideas as to why it would do this.I had the controller tested and it still works fine so the problem is in my wiring somewhere.

You might want to try disconnecting the throttle from the controller and see if the motor stops running then. If the motor stops running with the throttle disconnected then the problem is with the throttle and not the controller.

got the toggle hooked up right but now I need to know how to hook up my charger wires so I can charge my scooter,it rode great for well over an hour.My charger wires consist of a small green male (negative I am assuming) & a small red male (positive I am assuming)  my negative battery wire has a small green dual ported female end attached to a small green wire & my positive battery wire has a small red dual ported female end attached to a small red wire.Do the green and red wires from my charger go to the respective colored plugs that connect to the battery terminals and if so are there any more wires that have to be hooked up or is that the only wires that need to be hooked up?

Great to hear that you got the scooter running.

The wiring diagram indicates that the charger port wires connect directly to the battery pack. Red to red, and green to green. That is a common way for a charger port to be wired to a battery pack.

If you have a copy of the owners manual for the Terminator ES-04 electric scooter that the wiring diagram was found in could you please attach it to a reply so that other people who have that scooter will have access to its owners manual?

Found it!Sorry it took so long.Quick question My rear aluminum alloy rim 12-1/2" broke on one of the blades can that be temporarily fixed with some JB WELD until I get a new one/Here is the part number Item # WHL-550R.This is the one I want to get but not sure if it will work.Item # WHL-450R

(2.29 MB)
The WHL-550R has the highest chance of fitting the Terminator ES-04 electric scooter. It is the rim that fits most scooters like the ES-04 which have dolphin type bodies.

The WHL-450R most likely will not directly fit the Terminator ES-04 because it is made for a different type of scooter. It may have a wider or narrower hub and its sprocket and brake may be in different positions than on the existing wheel.

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