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Electric Scooter Controller Clicks

Why does the controller box click when I twist the throttle? The battery is fully charged . The scooter will not go anywhere's when I twist the throttle just the controller clicks

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When the controller clicks and the scooter does not move that is typically caused by an old or worn out battery pack.

The Voltage level of an old or worn out battery pack will significantly drop when the throttle is engaged which will give the controller enough power for its internal relay to click, but not enough power to operate the motor.

It dropped 1 when the throttle was engaged. I also used the battery from the other scooter to see if it would work, same thing. It just kept clicking
The next most common thing that would cause that problem is a defective brake lever switch. Try disconnecting the brake lever switch connector from the controller and see if the scooter works then.

When a brake lever switch becomes defective it often locks into the on position which tells the controller to turn the motor off. Disconnecting the brake lever from the controller makes the controller think that the switch is in the off position.

Sorry to hijack this thread.. but I have something similar..

I'm trying to fix a razor scooter for a friend.  I got a new controller thinking it was the issue.  The new controller also doesn't work!  I'm not sure where to go next.

I'm currently running off a adjustable bench supply instead of batteries.  When I hit the throttle I hear a relay click but there is no voltage on the motor.  I unplugged the brake control and still nothing.  If I just put the power supply on the motor it spins just fine.

When I ohm out the throttle the orange wires short together and so do the brown ones when I engage the throttle.

What else could be wrong?  Is there any reason why the motor controller wouldn't work with a bench supply?

If it is a Razor E100, E125, E150, or E175 electric scooter then the scooter will need to be moving a little faster than walking speed before the controller will give power to the motor. The controller will click when the throttle is engaged, but will not give power the motor until the scooter is in motion. This is a safety feature to prevent the scooter from being unintentionally powered if the throttle is twisted by leaning on it when the scooter is parked, or from twisting the throttle by accident when not riding the scooter.

It may be difficult on a test bench to replicate the scooter moving at 3 miles per hour. The motor has to be spinning at a fairly high speed, like around 750 RPM, to trigger the controller to turn on. The easiest way to test is with everything mounted in the scooter. If you do not have batteries then maybe a long wire running from the power supply to the scooter could be used for testing.

If the Razor scooter is not an E100-E175 series then it could be possible that the power supply is not putting out enough power to run the motor. It takes a fairly large power supply in order to test an electric scooter controller and motor. In our shop we use a 0-70 Volt 10 Amp variable DC power supply which weighs around 75 pound and sometimes it struggles to provide enough power for our tests.

Please let me know how it goes.

Yeah my 9 yo daughter informed me that the scooter has to actually be moving  for it to work!

D'oh!  I was able to get it going spinning the wheel by hand!

The controller probably wasn't bad after all! oh well!  now it has a new controller.  Once I get the new batteries it should be fixed.  Maybe I'll ebay the old controller...



Great to hear that the problem has been solved. I knew that it could be tested by spinning the wheel by hand, but did not want to recommend doing it that way for safety reasons, I have tested them that way myself with great results though.

The controller is usually the first part to go out, so having a new one is a good thing, you may want to hold onto your old controller as a backup part though since they do go out once in a while.

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