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Citybug scooter

I had already ordered the parts I thought I needed, and was instructed to mail in the wiring harness. I've got the panel off, but now I'm stuck. Do I actually have the battery charger adapter after all (and therefore ordered the wrong parts) or, do I not know what a wiring harness is? (likely) Also this plug here isn't a c7 plug, it's a c13? Can you help me be sure that I ordered what I need?
The scooter in the attached photo does not look like any of the CityBug electric scooters that we have listed on our website. I know there were several knockoff scooters that had the CityBug name on them which were made by different companies who had nothing to do with CityBug. I think that the scooter in the photo may possibly be one of those scooters.

The C13 plug with cord that is in your hand in the photo is connected to a white 6.3mm two pin connectors which is attached to the controller's battery pack input connector. The part that is in your hand is what I call an adapter. An adapter like that is commonly used to connect the controller to the battery pack.

If you could attach more photos of the scooter and its wiring and parts, and describe what problem the scooter is having, or what parts are missing, then I will be glad to take a look at the photos and offer more help.
We don't have the battery or any charger. We bought it like this from a pawn shop. It probably is a knockoff, it doesn't look like the pictures
That will be a fairly straightforward job to install a battery pack and charger. Does the scooter have a plastic box that the batteries fit into that goes in the area of the scooter that I circled in red in the photo below?

No it doesn't. The only part that I have that isn't in the picture is the panel that covers the wiring
Since the battery tray and footplate are missing a new battery tray and footplate will need to be fabricated to put the batteries in and have a place to put your feet on when riding. The battery tray should go inside of the scooters metal frame. These parts could be made out of metal or 3/4" cabinet grade plywood and screws.

After the battery tray is made then its interior dimensions can be measured and batteries selected that will fit inside the tray. At that point there is just some basic wiring to do to connect the batteries to the controller and a battery charger port to the batteries.

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