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Go Bowen Mars electric ATV Won't run

I just purchased a Go Bowen Mars electric ATV for my sons birthday and after one day of use it will not run. After taking off the cover to the motor I can see that it is working but just seems to spin without engaging. The chain feels loose so I am trying to increase the tension. I hope that's all it is and not something like the gears being stripped out or something like that. My son is 4 and only weighs 35-40 lbs. please let me know what you think the problem is. I will post on here my findings after tightening the chain tension.
There may be a freewheel mechanism on the rear axle which has failed. If the chain moves but the axle does not move, and there is a freewheel on the rear axle then chances are that it has failed. Here is what a freewheel looks like.

We sell these freewheels on this page:

So after tightening the chain it still would not run. The gear connected to the motor is stripped out on the shaft of the gear. So it just spins but the chain does not spin. Do you have the part for that? It's basically the whole gear. Opened the gear box too. See pic.
(2.07 MB)

Wow that gear motor shaft is definitely stripped out where the sprocket key seats into it. It must not have been properly hardened by the factory.

This kind of problem is very rare, in fact this is the first time I have ever heard of it happening, so we do not carry that gear in our store. Unfortunately the only solution that I would have is to replace the entire gear motor.

If you would like to attach a photo of the motor and let me know if it has any specifications printed on its label then I can see if we have or can get a replacement for it.

Thanks for the info. I called the dealer where I got the quad and they are going to get me a whole new gear motor because its under warranty. I appreciate the info and replies and will look for parts from you guys in the future.


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