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R2 stealth electrical issue

I have an R2 stealth and can get no power. I bought a new charger and it says the batteries are fully charged. I switch it on and get nothing. No indicators light up on the throttle, no noise or anything. The troubleshooting guide I downloaded said to replace the reset switch and another one that I can't seem to find by these names online. I am hoping someone can direct me in the right direction on what I need to buy. In exact terms of the part I would need to order.
When troubleshooting an electric scooter there are two methods to go about this. The first is to test parts with a multimeter to determine which one is defective and replace that one defective part. The second is to take a guess as to which part is defective and install new parts in the scooter until the defective part has been replaced.

With a multimeter the first step is to test the Voltage of the battery pack. If it is a 24 Volt pack with two batteries then it should have around 27 Volts when fully charged. If the battery pack Voltage is under 22 Volts then the controller may not turn on due to its low Voltage turn off circuit.

If the battery pack checks out good then the next step is to disconnect the power input connector from the controller, turn the power switch on, and test the Voltage level at the power input connector that goes to the controller.

If the power input connector has no Voltage then there may be a problem with the wiring harness, power switch, or circuit breaker/fuse and they will need to be tested for continuity in order to find out which part needs to be repaired or replaced.

If the controller's power input connector has Voltage then the problem will most likely be the controller and replacing it would be the next step to take.

If the problem winds up being the controller then original controllers for the R2 Stealth electric scooters are no longer available, and a universal controller would need to be installed to replace it.

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