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Using Higher AH batteries

Can I use a 12 AH batteries instead of 10AH original. 

All  12 volt  on Carrie 500  e zy zip. Another question is if I have 2 Batteries packs

can one be 10AH and one be 12 AH. Can I charge both battery packs from  one connection and charger. Thanks

Yes you can upgrade from 10Ah to 12Ah batteries as long as there is enough room to install them. For a scooter with two battery packs, one can be 10Ah and the other can be 12Ah as long as they are separated by a switch so both battery packs can not be used by the scooter at the same time.

The 10Ah battery pack and the 12Ah battery pack will need to be charged separately from each other because they can not be joined together into one battery pack. The same charger can be used to charge each battery pack, but one charger can not charge both battery packs at the same time. Ideally you would have two battery chargers, one for each battery pack, and then both battery packs could be charged at the same time.

However if both battery packs had the same Ah rating, and all four batteries were the same brand and age, then they could be wired in a series/parallel wiring arrangement to create a 24 Volt battery pack consisting of four batteries that would not require a switch and all of the batteries could then be charged with one battery charger at the same time. A battery charger with twice the Amp rating as the original charger would be needed to charge this type of battery pack though.

         Series/Parallel Battery Pack Wiring

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