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Solid tires

I have been plagued with tire problems on my Panterra 3-wheel scooter. I want to make it as bullet-proof as possible. Are there 9x3.5 solid replacement tires available?
We do not currently sell 9x3.5 flat free tires however I have noticed that stores who sell parts for mobility scooters do have it. Here is a link to a mobility scooter parts store I found that sells it:
Thanks. I found another store that sells the same tire for far less than Allegro, which is $18 versus $42. In another response, you talked about an installable reverse option for my scooter. Please, tell me more.
I went the enable your life website and noticed that they have a pneumatic 9x3.5 tire which requires an inner tube for $18.00, and that their the foam filled 9x3.5 tire is $41.00. That price is still lower than Allegro though. I just wanted to let you know so you do not purchase the wrong tire by mistake.

Installing a speed controller with reverse on the Panterra 3-wheel electric scooter would require purchasing the 24 Volt 500 Watt controller with reverse, and a handlebar mounted switch that would be used to make the scooter go into reverse.

The parts we have available for this conversion project are our controller item # SPD-24500R and handlebar switch item # SWT-21.

Installation of the SPD-24500R controller with reverse would require removing the old controller and wiring in the new one. What parts the wires go to on the scooter such as the motor, power switch, and throttle would need to be determined in order to install the new controller. It is usually fairly easy to determine where these wires go to however sometimes the wires going to the handlebars can present a challenge because they may be in a harness that is bundled together.

Here is a link to the SPD-24500R wiring directions:

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