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Battery charger circuit

 I have a 24 volt charger from an Ortho-Kinetics Triumph scooter, that I'm trying to use to charge 2 12v batteries in series.

The charger plug has 2 large pins which I assume are for the main charging current,

and 2 smaller pins, which I suspect are for some sort of interlock or charge rate control circuit.

The charger will only put out 22.5 volts at a low amperage, from the 2 large pins, when connected to the batteries. I don't want to do the wrong thing  playing with the 2 smaller pins, and risk blowing the charger out. Does anyone know what the 2 smaller pins need to be connected to?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Most electric scooter battery charger plugs have pins that no wires from the charger go to.

If there is a way to take the charger's plug apart and check to see which wires go to the pins that may help a lot. You might find that the charger only has two wires that go to two of the pins, and the other two pins are not used at all. Or you may find otherwise.

Do let us know how it goes.

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