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Upgrade e zy 500 to ez y 750

Can you tell me if a e zy 500 can be upgraded to  Ez 750 by changing motor , controller and batteries.  If so can you tell me what would have to be changed and if you sell items.  

    I am not satisfied with the power to climb hills. Speed is fine. I weigh  about 180  an.d will have about 20lbs hunting equipment. Any sugestions will be appreciated.  Thanks  Leland James

Do you have an eZip 500 electric scooter?

    eZip 500 Electric Scooter

Yes I have one. Thinking. About upgrading it or getting a more powerful one. Thanks Leland James
I need to figure out how the rear wheel sprocket is mounted to determine which type of motor sprocket it needs.

Does your eZip 750 have a rear wheel chain sprocket that threads onto the wheel, or is mounted to the wheel with bolts?


I don't know about sprocket. But I have a 500 and want more power for hills etc. so thought might upgrade moter batteries controller etc instead of buying a 750 Thanks
I will need to know how the sprocket is attached to the rear wheel in order to recommend an upgrade motor that has the correct sprocket on it to match the rear sprocket.

Do you have any way to take a photo of the rear sprocket and the sprocket on the motor and attach it to a reply?

thanks for everything. hope this pic is good enough


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