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buy motor

Good Morning, 

As an school project i have to make a car, this car should be something similar to a golf car for 6 people, i am interested on buying an easy mounting kit,a motor and speed driver and if needed a display for the driver, 
i found a kit on the internet and i will like to know if you guys can mat it up, or have something similar to it, 

as an attachment i will add a pdf.. i need the "driving section"  of this PDF
(a motor of 4-6kw and its driver.)

can you help me to match this? 
if i actually go to the store and buy it, can you guys test it in the store? 


We only sell parts for light electric vehicles and currently do not have any motors rated over 1000 Watts. For medium to heavy electric vehicle parts I recommend searching on the internet for electric car parts or electric golf cart parts. Those type of stores will have the larger motors and controllers that you are looking for.

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