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Please help me put my grand daughters e scooter back together

Hi I was wondering if you could help me please, our grandaughter has a electric scooter i have purchased a belt . The thing is I'm in a bit of a pickle with this this is the second belt she has had so far this year on this. The first one I put on kept slipping and then broke, now this one I tried to put this on and some of the Ferrell washers that slide over the bolts dropped off and I got a bit muddled where they went. I looked on you tube and found a video with a man replacing the belt, but his hands are in the way so I still don't know where these bits go. So any help with this please with replacement and setting up to stop it dragging I would be very great full. Many thanks Brian
Do the washers that fell off go onto the rear axle? What make and model scooter are you repairing?
Hi. We got this from eBay it's nothing special it's a E scooter there are different size washer ferrells on this scooter, the trouble is knowing what goes where it's where the drive motor is at the back, I can send you a picture if that would help of the whole underneath and the couple of washers I have left over...poor thing been waiting for me to fix it for about 4 months now. Thank you for your time Rgds bri
Hi, Would a few pics help Rgds bri
I have seen many different rear wheel washer and spacer configurations on E-Scooter type electric scooters before so I do not have a definitive answer on how it should go back together. As long as you have all of the parts then different washer and spacer configurations could be tried until the right one is found. The most important element of installing the spacers and washers is that the brake is in the proper position, works good, and does not rub - and that the chain sprocket is properly aligned with the motor.

I have a rear wheel assembly diagram that I will insert below that is for a Scoot-N-Go electric scooter which is a E-Scooter type of scooter which might help.

Since the scooter has been sitting for four months if you have not already done so I highly recommend to recharge the battery pack. The battery pack should be recharged every 30 days when the scooter is not in use to keep it from self discharging and destroying itself.

Also for future reference and advise to anyone reading this forum post, it is a good idea to take several digital photos of assemblies before taking them apart. These photos will serve as a guide for how to reassemble the parts when they are being put back together.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Hi. Many thanks for your quick reply I've charged the battery up already the problem I'm having is working out the configuration of these washers, I seem to have one left over this is not my field at all, but i have promised our grand daughter I would fix this. Perhaps I could take some pictures of this all angles and that might help to show them to you and the forum members. Rgds bri
OK that sounds good, I will be glad to take a look at the pictures to see if that helps. If you insert the images instead of attaching them they will appear directly in the reply and be easier to see.

Hi Thanks for your time to help me, I'm going to take some pictures first thing and try to upload them, if I can't upload them is there anything else that you can suggest that I can try to show these pics to you. Rgds bri

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