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scooter controller

Galaxy Pro scooter will run for approx. 2 miles with 2 new fully charged batteries then the indicator lights go from max of 4 lights quickly down to 1 light and scooter just bairly crawls along with full throttle. got back to house and put up on block to run with no load. Charge indicator lights are now at max of 4 and ran for 8 minutes with back wheel off ground with light still on max of 4. Set back tire on ground and tire immediately stopped and indicator lights went down to 1 light. Checked batteries with a meter before I went out and they were at 25.4 volts and watched them gradually drop as I ran on block. Voltage didn't drop below 23 volts and as soon as I stopped scooter the voltage was back up to 25. 

Am I dealing with a defective controller that when it heats up I have a component breakdown? 

If the electric scooter is being used in a hilly or mountainous area then 2 miles might be all the batteries can power it for, the range should improve a little when the batteries are used and recharged several times to condition them.

If the scooter is being used primarily on flat ground then the range should be longer than 2 miles. With a battery pack made from two 12Ah batteries I would expect at least a 6 to 8 mile range on flat ground.

I do not think that the controller would cause this type of problem. The indicator lights are a simple Voltmeter which is connected directly to the battery pack when the power is on. The controller has no effect on the indicator lights. If indicator is dropping down to one light then the battery pack Voltage is getting low which is usually around 23 Volts on a 24 Volt battery pack. A 24 Volt battery pack should charge up to around 28 Volts.

If the scooter is being used on flat ground then to me it sounds like one or more of the new batteries may be defective. Another thing it could be is that the battery charger is not properly charging the battery pack, since the battery pack should charge up to around 28 Volts and it is only at 25.4 Volts. I would test the output of the battery charger and make sure it is around 29 Volts. If the charger is not putting out enough Volts then replacing it might help. If the charger is outputting around 29 Volts then I would individually load test the batteries and see if maybe one of them is dropping more Voltage under load than the other. The batteries should only drop around 1 Volts under load.

Please let me know how it goes.

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