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Pulse electric scooter

Having trouble with scooter not coming on with throttle being held for motor to kick on. The motor doesn't come on after push start and throttle being held. Any suggestions
Start by checking that the belt or chain is properly installed, and that the motor spins when the rear wheel is spinning. 

See if the battery charger indicates that the batteries are fully charged. To do this first plug the charger into the wall and make sure that it has a green light on. Now unplug the charger from the wall and plug it into the scooter, then plug it into the wall again. The charger should now have a red light on while that battery pack is charging, and the light will turn green after the battery pack is fully charged. If the battery pack has recently been charged the red light may only stay on for a few minutes or less before turning green. Doing this test will prove that the battery charger is working and that the battery pack is able to take a charge. It will not prove that the battery pack is in good enough condition to run the scooter though.

Check the circuit breaker, its reset button should be flush with its threaded shaft after pushing it in, if the reset button pops out from the threaded shaft after pushing it that is a sure sign that it is worn out.

Check for loose connections underneath the deck plate and reconnecting any loose connection if found.

The batteries could be removed and load tested at a local battery store to make sure they are working properly, and replaced if necessary.

This is the extent of testing that can be performed without a multimeter.

If you have a multimeter then the continuity of the circuit breaker and power switch should be tested and either part replaced if defective. If the switch and circuit breaker are OK then test the battery pack to make sure that it has enough Voltage under load to operate the scooter. The battery pack Voltage should be tested with the scooter's power off, and then again with the scooters power on and throttle engaged. If the Voltage drops more than a couple of Volts when the power is on, throttle engaged, and scooter pushed to walking speed then the battery pack is dropping too much Voltage under load and needs to be replaced. The batteries can also be load tested at home with an automotive battery load tester.

This is a good place to start from. If these solutions do not solve the problem please let me know and we will take it from there.

I'm not getting a red light when charger is plugged in and the chain does spin
The charger light could not be turning red for a few reasons including:
  • A worn out or defective battery charger.
  • A defective charger port or wiring harness.
  • Loose connection(s) under the footplate.
  • Worn out or defective batteries.

New parts such as a battery charger, charger port, or battery pack could be thrown at the scooter to see if that helps, or the battery charger, charger port, and battery pack could be tested to see which part is causing the problem.

To go the testing route I would test the battery charger to see if it has Voltage at its output plug. If the charger does not have any Voltage output then it needs to be replaced. Then I would test for Voltage at the charger port, this test will determine if charger port and wiring harness are working, and how much Voltage is in the battery pack. A 24 Volt battery pack should have around 26-28 Volts in it. If its battery pack's Voltage is under 23 Volts then it may be worn out or defective and need to be replaced.

By testing the Voltage of the battery charger and charger port the part which needs to be replaced can usually be determined.

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