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scooter takes off to fast

Bought your 3 speed throttle and the scooter lurches when taking off
all three speeds work, the colors matched on the throttle 3 wires but I
was thinking of trying different combination. the 3 speeds work so I think
those wires are ok. My controller is a 3 speed 60v 2000watt is that too much for
the throttle?
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Virtually any hall-effect electric scooter throttle is compatible with any electric scooter speed controller designed for Hall-effect throttles, so your 60V 2000W controller should work with the new throttle. The acceleration vs time curve rate that the scooter accelerates from a standstill when the throttle is twisted is determined by the controller and not the throttle. If the scooter is lurching on takeoff then that is most likely the way the controller is designed, or at least the way it is working. The throttle could be tested to see if it has a smooth and even Voltage response curve when it is twisted to confirm its proper operation. Here is a link to a page that explains how to test Hall-effect throttles:

Please let me know how it goes.

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