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The lights mess with the throttle.

Essentially, whenever I flip the switch to turn on my headlight/rear lights, the throttle no longer gives any thrust. The indicator light telling me the scooter is still is lit though.
I would start by testing the Voltage of the battery pack with the scooter's power or key switch on, and then turn the lights on and see if the battery packs Voltage level drops. If the Voltage drops when the lights are on that indicates a problem with the battery pack. That is the best place to start.

If the battery pack Voltage does not drop when the lights are on then the problem is most likely in the electrical system which would be much more difficult to diagnose because it involves checking and testing all of the switches, wires, and connectors. Hopefully it is just a worn out or defective battery pack and will be easy to fix.

Please let me know how it goes.

I had the same problem with my scooter. It was not the batteries. The problem was a defective rear light which was probably causing a short of some sort. I changed the bulb and voila, working fine. I would advise you to check all the lights, front, back, blinkers, speed and battery lights. It worked for me and hopefully it will for you.

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