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Lithium Battery


What power of Lithium battery will be required if one has to Drive it at a speed of 70KM/h for a average 70-100KM on a single charge.

There is no formula that can determine this because there are so many variables such as terrain, wind, weight, and efficiency of the vehicle.

However from my experience if the vehicle is an electric scooter or bike with a brushed motor that is carrying one person and driven on primarily flat ground then a 24V 100Ah or 48V 50Ah battery pack should accomplish the goal of traveling at a speed of 70KM/h for 70-100KM on a single charge.
Hi, Thank u for replying. Can you please give a rough Price idea for such a battery. Thanks
Our item # BAT-LIF24V10AH 24 Volt 10Ah LiFePO4 battery costs $229.95 and ten of them would be needed to make a 100Ah battery pack so the cost not including shipping would be $2,295.50.

Here is a link to our LiFePO4 batteries page:

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