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Crazy cart not working

My son loves his cray cart. We got it for him last Christmas but after the move it stopped working. It seems like it should be charging but once he takes it off the charger to ride her flips the switch on it glows like its about to take off and nothing. It won't move at all. I was thinking it might be the batteries or cables to the batteries. What do you think?

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If the power switch light illuminates when it is in the on position (and the charger is disconnected from the cart) then power from the battery pack is reaching to the controller. If the power switch light glows when first turned on, but then stops glowing as soon as the foot throttle is pressed that points towards a faulty battery pack.

There is a safety button that needs to be depressed before the cart will run. It is easy to forget about this switch after not using the cart for a while. Make sure this switch is depressed before trying to run the cart.

If it still does not run after pressing the safety button then the next step I would take is to look for loose or disconnected connectors, or for any wires that may have been cut or broken during the move.

When checking the wires pay extra attention to the wires that are between the motor and controller, as these wires twist and bend a lot during use and are prone to breaking inside of their plastic insulation where the break can not be seen.

These motor wires may need to be checked by hand to make sure that the copper wires under the plastic insulation are not broken. This can be accomplished by bending the wires one at a time up and down the length of the wires and feeling how much bending resistance the individual wires create, then feeling if in one particular area the bending resistance is less than it is in the rest of the wires. If you are handy with electronics and own a multimeter it can also be used to check the resistance of these wires as they are being bent up and down the length of the wires.

If all of the wires and connectors look good, and the safety switch is depressed, and the power switch light glows steadily when the throttle is engaged, then chances are that one of the parts such as the foot throttle or controller is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Hopefully these tips will help you to detect the problem with the Crazy Cart. Please let me know how it goes.

Shana Hoercher replied through email: "That diagram that you sent there was no safety switch button anywhere located on the crazy kart the only switch or button that is located on the crazy car is the on off switch. When I press the gas pedal down I can hear the actuator kick on but it does not give any power from that point on. I'm not sure what to do now. Any ideas?"

You must have an early version of the Crazy Cart that does not have a safety switch button. Where on the cart is the sound of the actuator kicking on coming from?

Razor Crazy Cart replaced batteries, tested making sure throttle is sending juice to module, yes 4.3 volts.

kill switch open position, tested no power coming out to motor - disconnected steering wheel kill switch from module, tested, no power yet I have 4.3 volts going into module.  Replaced module twice, no power coming out of module when pushing in on throttle.

New batteries test 26v

Power going in and out of throttle to module

No power testing wires coming out to motor, disconnected plug to motor, tested, no power?

Any ideas?  Is it possible I bought two bad modules?

Although not impossible, the chance of getting one bad controller is very unlikely, and of getting two bad controllers in a row is incredibly unlikely. 

Since the throttle is receiving power from the controller and sending power back to it that proves that the battery pack wiring harness, fuse and fuse holder, battery connector, and power switch are good.

The foot throttle has a switch in it which may have failed so we recommend unplugging the throttle from the controller and testing the continuity of the foot throttle's green and yellow wires. The green and yellow wires should have no continuity when the throttle is released and should have continuity when the throttle is engaged. 

If the throttle switch tests good then, if you have not already done so, we recommend testing the battery pack Voltage under load with the power switch on and throttle engaged to see if it drops under 23 volts while under load. If it drops under 23 Volts then that points towards a problem with the battery pack. The controller will not send power to the motor when it detects that the battery pack is under 23 Volts.

If the throttle switch tests good, and battery pack test good under load, then we recommend bridging the kill switch wires together to see if that helps because the kill switch (safety button) may be a normally closed type of switch. 

Please let us know how it goes. 

My go cart drifter was working and then right after using it Friday the kids plugged it in to charge but the light showed green on the charger. It won't show red as if to charge. It shows green but it won't go. They said it stopped a couple times earlier that day but then worked again. Now nothing.

Process of elimination now figuring out what the problem is.

Bad batteries, wiring, throttle pedal?

First remove the protective cover over batteries.  

Connect a battery charger to batteries or you can use jumper cables from your car.

Push pedal see if it works..if it does then you have bad batteries.

Disconnect battery connection and follow the wires to the motor.

Attach neg/positive wires to battery and connect to motor to see if it works. Make sure wheel is not in contact with surface.

If motor works, not working still.

Disconnect the kill switch wire.  Try, not working?

Throttle pedal was bad on mine. 

Do a few tests and limit your losses.  Hope someone else can help that is more mechanically inclined than myself.

Good luck

Hi Rochelle, it sounds like there is most likely a problem with the fuse holder or battery to controller connector. Those are the first areas I would inspect to try to find the problem. I would remove the fuse from the fuse holder and make sure it fits snuggly and does not pull out too easily. I would also check the fuse to make sure it is not blown out. Then I would unplug the battery to controller connector and inspect it for any signs of overheating or other problems with its terminals or wires. 

I think the fuse looks ok..the litlle metal connector from the fuse to the black terminal to the battery broke when i was looking at it. I guess i need to fix that somehow. Still no red light on the charger when i plug it in.

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