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TRX. please help with wiring

I have a TRX personal transport. It is 36v two motors one speed control. I need help wiring this thing. Cannot find wiring info anywhere. I need to know if each motor needs its own speed control or if one can run both motors. Also how to wire in the steering sensors for the brakes. Thank you for your time.
The TRX Personal Transport three wheel electric scooter has two motors and one speed controller. The single speed controller runs both motors. The steering sensor switches have connectors on the ends of their wires that plug into the main wiring harness.

TRX only provides a basic wiring diagram that shows the components and wiring harnesses without going into details about the individual wires inside the harness. If you have the original TRX controller with its original connectors, but are missing the wiring harness or the wiring harness has damaged connectors then purchasing a new wiring harness is the only way I know to get it running again. Here is a photo of the TRX electric scooter's main wiring harness.

As you can see there are many wires hidden under the harnesses insulation that go to several different connectors. The only way I know to get a TRX scooter running with its original parts is to replace any damaged or missing parts and harnesses with new original parts and harnesses.

I wish that I had a better solution than just throwing money at new parts but since TRX does not provide a detailed wiring diagram that is the only way I know to fix them and keep them original.

Alternatively to using the original parts you could custom install a universal speed controller and wire it to both motors to get the scooter running. This would involve removing or not using the sensor switches and the original controller and wiring harnesses and custom making a new simple wiring harness for the scooter. I am sure that without the sensor switches it would turn easily in all but the tightest of corners.

We have all of the parts and harnesses available for the TRX Personal Transporter so if there is anything that you need just let me know. Also, please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your informative response. I understand what you mean by the only way to know that your getting the original wiring correct would be to obtain an original harness. The plugs I know are designed to only go on one way therefor ensuring correctness. I was hoping to be able to create a custom harness, and since you mentioned that I can bypass the turning sensors it will make it easier. I was not sure if the TRX came with one or two speed controllers. I have about 10 different speed controllers plus the original one that came with it. Do you think you could provide me with a few different diagrams that would work with my configuration? Thank you for your time. It is greatly appreciated. My setup: 36 v Two motors 10 different speed controllers Two different types of throttle. ( (Three and two wire) Where do the brake connections go to in the wiring. Can I send you pictures of what I have so you know what color wires I have on my controllers? Thanks again.
If you would like to insert or attach photos of the controllers that you have then I might be figure out how they need to be wired and make a wiring diagram. If the controllers have labeled connectors please show the labels because that would be most helpful. If I can not figure out how to wire any of the controllers that you have then I could make a wiring diagram using one of our controllers that I have wiring directions already for.

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