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scooter clicks on solenoid but engine doesn't turn

i have a chinese scooter and it was working fine i parked it, then after a few hours when  i tried to start it again it just clicks but the engine wont turn, have taken the battery for testing and it was fully charged still encountering the same problem, tho one thing i have realised is that when i press the brake lever it doesnt light my brake light, could that be the issue.

I would start by disconnecting the brake lever switch connector from the controller and see if it runs then. Brake lever switches often fail and lock into the on position which tells the controller to turn the motor off. A faulty brake lever switch that is locked into the on position would typically cause the brake light to be on continuously though, so since the brake light does not come on, the scooter might have a brake lever switch that is normally on instead of normally off. In this case if the scooter does not run with the brake lever switch unplugged from the controller, then I would try unplugging the brake lever switch from the controller and bridging the brake lever switch wires together at the controller and see if it runs then.

Please let me know how it goes.

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