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Need Help! New to scooters! Breaker keeps tripping!

Hello I am new to the scooter world and bought a used scooter and am now having a bit of trouble. I was hoping you may have knowledge and could maybe shine some light on the situation. Either way.... The guy told me it needed a battery. So I bought them ( mighty max 9A said it was an upgrade from the 8A.... Idk like I said I'm new) and the thing ran okay after every charge but only went a block or so and then the breaker would blow, then I would reset it and it would go 100 feet and then the breaker would go again. Reset it and then it would blow again in 50 feet. And then 20 feet.... So I was reading online and everyone said just upgrade the 20A to a 30A and I should be good.... So I did I put a 30A breaker for a 24v system. Well now the scooter doesn't even go 10 feet and then it sounds like the breaker blows but it doesn't and then the scooter won't even move, but after waiting around 30 seconds I can twist the throttle and it goes another 10 feet before doing the same thing. Also on replacing the old breaker I saw that it had a 20A for a 36v system. Is this e300 a 36v system and I have the wrong breaker. I didn't think so. Either way now it's even worse. I don't know what to do... I only have the controller and the motor left to replace now. Could it be one of them causing this issue? Let me know your thoughts. And if I do need to replace them which ones would work best for my setup with the 30A breaker and 9A Batts. I would really like to upgrade as I feel the normal ride was still a bit sluggish and if I'm already going through all this.... Why not! Thanks for your time! Thank You! Nate R

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The Razor E300 is a 24 Volts scooter. The Voltage rating of the circuit breaker does not matter very much, so either a 24 Volt or 36 Volt breaker could be used on a 24 Volt system. The increased Ah rating of the batteries will not affect anything other than the ride time that the scooter will have, and is nothing to worry about.

Circuit breakers wear out a little every time that they trip and the Amp level that they trip at decreases, so the old circuit breaker could have been worn out and breaking the circuit too early. The wearing out of the old circuit breaker could have been caused by excessive tripping caused by someone overexerting the limits of the scooter by going up hills that were too steep for it, towing, going through sand, etc. Or it could have worn out from tripping too often due to a faulty part such as a motor with burned out windings or short circuit in the controller or wiring.

Regarding the new circuit breaker, it sounds like it might possibly be defective because when a circuit breaker breaks the circuit its button is supposed to pop out and the circuit is not supposed to be made again until the button is pushed in. It would require testing the circuit breaker's continuity while the circuit is supposedly broken to actually determine if it is defective or not.

If the new circuit breaker is faulty then replacing it might solve the problem. However if the new circuit breaker is working properly then the problem might be either a faulty motor or controller. Controllers tend to either work perfectly or not work at all, so chances are that it would be the motor if either of these parts were to be faulty.

Please let me know how it goes.
Hey thanks for the info.... Maybe I'll just try to replace the motor then. What is the difference between the 250w and 350w motor. Can I put the 350 in and will it make it quicker or faster? Thanks for your input. Nate R
The 350W motor is one inch longer than the 250W motor. I am not sure if it would fit into the Razor E300 scooter because I do not have one here to test fit it into. You might be able to see if there is an extra inch of room for the 350W motor on your scooter though.

Upgrading from a 250W motor to a 350W motor should make it accelerate faster and have more uphill power, but will not make it that much faster unless a smaller rear sprocket was installed along with the 350W motor to make the gear ratio higher.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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