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Avigo Extreme Scooter lost charger and battery never worked

It's been awhile since I first purchased the electric scooter for my son and since day one it never worked. Then he wasn't big enough for it really but now that's he's 9 it's more his speed. So now I'm trying to figure out what to do to get it running and working. The charger is lost and the batteries light never turned. What do I need to get this running? And what do I need to do. Thanks!
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The Avigo Extreme electric scooter requires pushing off to around walking speed before it will turn on. This is a safety feature so the scooter can not be accidentally started when moving the scooter or leaning against it.

The battery in the scooter has an expected lifespan of around 2 years if it is recharged every month, regardless of whether the scooter is being used or not. If the battery is not recharged every month then its lifespan will drop down to around 6 months.

Since the scooter has been stored for a while without recharging the battery, and the battery appears to have not worked in the first place, to be on the safe side I would recommend replacing the battery and purchasing a charger for the scooter.

We have been trying to figure out what the wiring harness on the Avigo Extreme battery looks like so we can make replacements for it. If you have any way of taking a photo of the scooter's old battery and its wiring harness and posting it here that would really help us a lot, and we would be able to offer you a new plug-and-play battery for the scooter.

Please let me know if you have any question.

   Avigo Extreme Scooter

Well, the battery isn't visible and I can not see where I can access it.
Model #8801-01

The model # 8801-01 is for the Avigo Extreme electric scooter, so that is definitely the make and model of scooter that you have.

The battery is located directly under the plastic footplate which is attached to the scooter's metal frame with screws. The heads of these screws are accessible from the top side of the plastic footplate. To detach the footplate all of the screws need to be removed and then the footplate can be lifted up off of the scooter and the battery will then be visible underneath it.

To install a new battery with attached wiring harness and connector, simply plug it into the scooter where the old battery was unplugged, and then place the plastic footplate over the scooter's frame and reinstall the screws that hold the footplate to the scooter's frame.

Here is a link to the page that we sell Avigo Extreme scooter parts on:

Got it! Thank you. I attached photos of the battery pack area.

(1.22 MB)
(1.39 MB)
(1.22 MB)
(1.25 MB)

Here is a link to the Avigo Extreme plug-and-play battery AEX-BATTERY2:

Here is a link to the Avigo Extreme battery charger CHR-12V1ACX:

All parts for the Avigo Extreme electric scooter can be found on this page:

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