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Mototec 350w Trike question on how it sounds/acts during launch

I am not sure what to expect from a hub motor.

I charged it fully.

It makes a chugging sound at low rpm and feels like its chugging not loud and not hard until the rpm comes up. A few times I get no response when I give it 1/2 or more throttle. I am wondering if it could be the controller? It's a used trike but the previous owner says it was hardly used. I will thankfully appreciate any answers I get.


When a problem like that happens with a brushless electric scooter motor the first thing I would do is check all of the connections between the hub motor and the controller. There should be three thick wires and five thin wires between the motor and controller. If any of these wires have a loose or burned out connection that could cause the problem that you described. I would also carefully check the hub motor wires where they exit the axle, because sometimes the wire insulation will wear off at that point and short the wires to the axle or to each other.

Once all of the wires and connections are verified to be in good condition then I would load test the batteries to make sure they are not dropping too much Voltage under load. They should not drop under 12 Volts under load. If the batteries test good then the next thing I would look into is replacing the motor and or controller.

Unless you have two identical scooters and can swap the motors and controllers between the two of them to figure out which parts work and which do not, then identifying the faulty part will be difficult. Controllers tend to either work at 100% or not work at all so chances are that it would be the motor, but on occasion it could be the controller instead.

If there is a problem with the motor it could burn out a new controller, and visa-versa, so I like to replace brushless motors and controllers at the same time.

Please let me know how it goes.

Ok Thank You!

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