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Correctly insert the speed controller and wiring into a Schwinn S500

 Hi, folks,

How do I correctly insert the speed controller and wiring into its place in a Schwinn S-500? Try as I might to squoosh the wires and controller box far enough into that little space in front of the battery compartment so that I can get the separating plate screwed down, when I have a scooter not yet in working condition it's hard not to think the wires are getting all bent up in there.and causing my charging issues. Sometimes I can't get those things in there no matter what I do. Anyone know the "trick", or best way to approach this? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I do not know of any tricks or the best way to get it in there. I know it can be a tight fit. On most of the Schwinn scooters that I have seen the wires are bent pretty tightly to get the controller to fit.

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