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Razor E200 will not move with weight

Restoring Razor E2 hundred. Rear wheel spins freely with no weight on rear end with rear wheel lifted off the ground. E200 will not carry weight and move, it moves a little if push started When plugged into charger to charge indicator stays red never reaches green after 12 hours With the power on, the throttle indicates full (green) with no weight on it and with back lifted tire moves quickly and free When turning the throttle the red and the yellow light up and if I let off the throttle the green comes back on please advise! Thank you John
Your description of the problem and how the throttle's battery indicator lights react when the throttle is turned points towards the battery pack being old, worn out, or faulty. The battery indicator on the throttle is basically a color coded Voltage meter and the way it reacts when the throttle is turned indicates that the battery pack is dropping too much Voltage under load.

A good battery pack would not drop enough Voltage for the throttle's green light to turn off when the throttle was twisted. Also the tire spinning when held up in the air, but not spinning when on the ground, is exactly what happens when a battery pack is old or worn out. It definitely sounds to me like the battery pack needs to be replaced.
Thank you ! I was a little weary after reading Kerry's e325 story and chasing the cause I was afraid to just assume it was the battery Once again THANK YOU, John
I have a e200 bearing the #'s 100480-20-08030111-700. Is it possible to tell me the part # for the battery pack needed to replace existing battery pack
I understand, usually I would recommend to load test the batteries before replacing them, but since the scooter has a battery indicator and it is showing that the battery pack Voltage is significantly dropping when the throttle is twisted, that is a load test and proves that the batteries are not holding their Voltage under load.

Kerry previously had a repair shop work on his E325 scooter and they installed a controller for a different version and modified the wiring harness which caused all of the problems he was having with installing the new battery pack. We finally figured everything out and got the scooter working though.

That serial number indicates that you have a version 20 Razor E200 scooter. Version 20 uses the following battery packs:

Item # E200-BATTERIES4 (Standard Range)
Item # E200-BATTERIES4-XR (Extended Range)

The extended range battery pack will provide around 12% more ride time than the standard range pack. Both will provide the same power and speed though.

These battery packs are available on this page:

Razor E200 Battery Pack for Version 13 and up.
I am sorry I was so slow getting back to you with thanks! Thank you for your time and support. I will probably purchase the Item # E200-BATTERIES4-XR  after the holiday spell.  Thank you again, John


Thanks for your reply. Sometimes it takes me a little extra time to respond to forum posts during the holiday season also. We will have the battery pack that you need in stock whenever you are ready for it.

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