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Taotao ate-501

My bike runs ok but the lights,blinkers,born and power brakes do not work.Something shorted out all at once the only thing that still gets power is the motor.There seem s to be about 5 different electrical parts but I have no idea what to replace or where to start.Would greatly appreciate any help.Ghank you
If the motor is running then the main circuit breaker has not tripped so it might just be a blown fuse or burned out wire somewhere in the harness. I would start by checking to see if there are any fuses in the wiring harness and testing and replacing them if necessary. If you can not find any fuses in the harness then I would check for any burned looking wires or connectors. If everything looks good then it might be a broken wire somewhere that is causing the problem. I would check for any wires that look like they have been subjected to flexing, like near the handlebar and frame, and check those wires for breaks under their insulation by flexing the wires by hand and seeing if any of them are much easier to flex than the other same size wires. You will need to remove a few plastic panels to begin investigating where the problem might be.

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