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TRX Zoom 3 wheel

Scooter did not work. Replaced the batteries and scooter throttle shows red light power and green light full. Raised rear wheels and applied throttle and left motor runs. Right motor does not start. When riding the scooter gets to about 5mph it feels like it will go faster then cuts out. You can then reapply throttle when it stops and same result.  

Also, switched motor wires and right motor works on left motor wire harness.

I would start by unplugging the left and right steering position sensor switches from the wiring harness to eliminate them being the problem, and then test the scooter. If that solves the problem then plug one of the switches into the harness and test, and then the other switch into the harness and test, to see which switch is faulty.

If disconnecting the both of the sensor switches from the wiring harness does not make both motors work at the same time, then chances are that the controller is faulty and may need to be replaced.
             TRX Scooter Sensor Switch

OK  I lifted up the back wheels and traced the throttle wire and brake wire. With the remaining 2 plugs

1. I unplugged both and both motors run

2. I plug in one, left side sensor, and both motors run

3. I plug in  one, right side sensor after disconnecting step #2, and only the left motor runs.

What specific part number should I order?

Those test results indicate that the right side sensor is faulty. Our item number for the right side sensor is TRX-RSWITCH which is located on our TRX parts page at this link:

Also, here is a direct link to the product page for the TRX-RSWITCH:

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