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Razor Go Kart won't work

I have a razor go kart that doesn't work. I know that the batteries are good because I took them from s razor scooter. I have purchased two replacement controller boxes. Both have gone up in smoke. Any ideas as to what I've done wrong or what I could do to make it work?

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Did the replacement controller boxes go up in smoke immediately or after being used for a while?


If the controllers burned out immediately that is usually caused by the polarity between the battery pack and controller being reversed. The wiring harness might have been connected to the batteries in the wrong order. If you could attach a photo of the wiring harness attached to the batteries I would be glad to check and see if it is properly connected.

Is there a wiring schematic available somewhere? I have a kart that tries to go but cuts off. I've tried 3 different controllers, a new throttle, a new motor, and new batteries. Basically everything is new. I'm thinking I might have something crossed somewhere, even though it worked at one point. Multimeter shows current rising as the throttle is depressed and then the controller gives off a click sound and the current cuts off.

My son has pretty much lost interest in it and faith in me to get it fixed! :-(  I'm fairly handy with electrical circuits: I soldered on the battery connectors to the ends of the wires after they pulled off, using heat shrink tubing even! Just point me in the right direction, please, and I'll give it a try!

Thanks for any help you can give me!


Razor makes a couple different go kart models such as the Dune Buggy and Ground Force. We have wiring diagrams available for all of the Razor go karts. Here is a link to our main Razor page, click on the go kart model that you need a wiring diagram for and there will be links to the wiring diagrams under the photo of the go kart:

Thank you for the link.  Lots of good information there, including the wiring diagram for my Ground Force Drifter.

Hello i have exact the same problem with my cart. When put it on imedialy the controller begin to smoke. Please i need help
Hi Chris, If the controller smoked then it needs to be replaced. Before replacing it though we recommend testing the motor to make sure that it is working properly and it was not the cause of the controller burning out.

To test the motor, wire it directly to the battery pack or to a 12 Volt automotive battery charger. Then run the motor for a minute or two and check to see if its wires get hot or the motor itself gets hot. If the motor and its wires do not get hot during this test then it is most likely okay and you can go ahead and replace the speed controller.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
Thanks for reply my question. controller is a new one bcs the old 4pin got broke so i ordered a new 6pin controller and also a new throttle 6pin assembled it as described but failed. So i will try as you suggest and in order the controller is done can you tell me the exact modell number that i can place a new order? Thanks chris
Hi Chris, If the controller keep failing then the go-kart may be used to go up steeper hills or more demanding conditions than it can handle, or it is also possible that the motor may have a winding with burned off insulation which is causing the controllers to fail

I can look up which OEM controller your go-kart takes. Do you know what the go-kart's model and version number are?
Hi the model i bought used and not working was the 1+ model i think. It came with the 4 pin controller wiring.and now i upgrade to the latest version 13+ with the 6 pin connector. Modelnumber of new controller is # HB 2430-TYD6K.and i also ordered a new 6pin thumb throttle. Thanks for reply. Chris
Okay, now I understand better. the controller with 4-pin throttle connector is the original and you switched it over to a controller with 6-pin connector.
Yes and i follow the wiring diagram but ended up with smoking controller.
Did the controller smoke as soon as you plugged it into the battery pack, or did it run the motor for a while and then burn out?

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