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wiring a 36v 1000w control box into a 36v 500w electric scoote

What wires do i connect to what? My new control box has indicate connectors and only 1 brake connector also has a breaklight conector my scooter hasnt any of those connectors and has 2 brake connectors my throttle is a 4 cable twist throttle with 2 connectors 1 with 3 wires going into it and one with a single yellow cable (the led im presuming) im confused what goes with what? So controller has these ... 1 indicator w 4 cables going to it 1 indicator w 2 cables sport with 2 cables 1 brake w 2 cables 1 brake light w 2 cables charge w 2 cables 1 motor w 2 thick cables 1 battery w 2 thick cables MY SCOOTER HAS THESE ... 2 x brake connectors each with 2 wires throttle w 3 wires also throttle w 1 wire Motor w 2 fat wires battery w 2 fat wires I get the obvious motor to motor... battery to battery ...etc then it gets to brakes ive 2 to be connected but only 1 brake connection whdre do i connect the other???? See my issues???? Im tearing my hair out HELP ME PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE ;o}

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I would need wiring directions in order to be able to recommend how to wire the new controller to the scooter. Does the new controller (control box) have printed wiring directions that were included with it, or that are available online from the store that it was purchased at?
Cor i wished ... if i had that surely i wouldnt have to be hassling you now would !!!?!!! PMSL


The only option I can think of then would be to return the new controller that the seller can not provide wiring directions for, and buy another controller that has wiring directions included with or available for. Without wiring directions there is no way to know how to wire the controller to the scooter.

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