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oset motor

can any help me as im trying to find a 48v dc motor the same design as the xyd-13 36v motor. if u are familiar with the oset brand they use them on the oset 20 " model! cheers kyle
You might want to try this store:
yes im aware u can get them direct from oset but they are £300. the 36v is 250 but i can get it from us for 145 delivered. im trying to source them else where cheaper than oset if possible. any suggestions?? thanks for your time!
Those are expensive motors because they are made with neodymium magnets. However that £300 price is very expensive. They could be sold retail for £200 and the retailer could still make a good profit. We could order a pallet of them and sell for £200 each however this is the first request we have had for them so I do not know if we have the market to individually sell a pallet of them to. Maybe the bulk purchase of them could be crowdfunded? If we had 25 of them paid for in advance then we could go ahead and order them. Production and delivery would take a few months to complete after a successful crowdfunding of them. Does anyone else reading this topic need one of these motors?
this would be a possibilty as me and my business partner are currently working on our own design of electric trials bike . now that we may have found a supplier of motors ie , esp this is good news. are u able to supply one or two motors to ensble us too procede with our prototype ? thankyou
The minimum quantity of these motors that we can order from the factory is 50 pieces, they do not have and will not produce one or two samples. I recommend purchasing your sample motors from Oset, and then your production motors in bulk through us. We can sell you 50 of these motors for around £105 each FOB Shanghai.

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