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EVT 168 Electric Scooter Battery Charger

I have the above scooter but not the charger?

Do you have one to suit Australian power points?

I charged the batteries up separately but still won't go? What am I doing wrong.


We do have a battery charger available for the EVT 168 electric scooter charger with a 220 Volt AC input which is our item # CHR-48V6AEVT-220V. Here is the link to it:

We also carry the same charger with a 100-120 VAC input:

We sell this along with other EVT 168 electric scooter parts on this page:

We can supply this battery charger with a type I power plug for use in Australia. If you choose to order this charger then please let us know afterward that you want it with a type I plug and we will ship it with that plug.

If you charged the batteries separately and the scooter still will not run then the first thing I would do is individually load test each battery to see if their Voltage levels are holding up under load. They could be tested at home with a 12 Volt automotive battery load tester, or at a battery store or auto parts store. Make sure to recharge them after load testing so they are fully charged do not sit around in a semi-discharged state.

If one or more of the batteries fail the load test then all of the batteries in the pack should be replaced at the same time and with the same brand of batteries.

If the batteries pass the load test then the next thing I would do is test the circuit breaker to make sure it is working and replace it if it is faulty. If the batteries and circuit breaker are both good and the scooter still does not run then please let me know and I will make some further suggestions to get the scooter running again.

Hi I have the EVT 168 and live in Belgium ( standard = 220 volt)  .i am looking for a replacement charger.  Is the one in your range applicable for 220 volt ? thanks. Paul

Hi Paul, I just checked and the item # CHR-48V6AEVT charger we sell for the EVT 168 electric scooter has an input Voltage range of 100-120 Volts AC.

However, we do sell the same charger with a 220 Volt AC input which is our item # CHR-48V6AEVT-220V. Here is the link to it:

If you decide to order this charger then after the order is placed please let us know if you would like it supplied with a type E power plug for Belgium power outlets and we will be able to supply it with that type of plug.

Hi.  I just placed order number 150321 and i would like the item supplied with a type of plug for use in Belgium.  Thank you very much. Kind regards Paul

Hi Paul, thank you for letting us know. We will include a charger cord that has a plug for Belgium power sockets.

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