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Razor Crazy Cart Deluxe Problem

When you turn wheel to right it is not coming on. Left it moves I opned it up and played with wires got some movement, but when i put wires down it stops.any help please!
That type of problem with the Razor Crazy Cart is almost always caused by a broken motor wire. One of the motor's copper wires usually breaks under its plastic insulation where it can not be seen. This typically happens where the wire goes thru the hole in the steering column. When the wheel is turned the wire moves and contact between the broken wire ends is made and then broken which causes the motor to run and then stop running depending on the position of the steering wheel. There should be black plastic sheathing covering the two motor wires. If the sheathing is removed to expose the red and black wires then they can be individually flexed to determine which one is broken. The broken wire will be very easy to flex where the break is compared to elsewhere on the wire. Once the place is determined where the break in the wire is then it can be repaired with any wire splicing method such as solder and heat shrink tubing or by using an automotive wiring butt connector as shown below.

After repairing the broken wire I recommend covering that area of wire with several layers of electrical tape to limit the amount that it can bend in the future.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
My son was having trouble with his Crazy Cart. I was worried because it was new so I really didn't think it was broken. I took a look and the Crazy Cart looked ok. I took the Crazy Cart and I hit the throttle on full blast and it didn't move, so I moved the steering wheel to every side and it didn't move. I flipped it and a wire fell out. And was hanging so I don't know what to do. Please help me
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It looks to me like that wire is for the safety button and it got caught on something under the cart that pulled it off of the back side of the button. I can not tell from the photo if the wire that fell out has a connector on it, or if it has a broken part of the switch attached to it. The Crazy Cart's black plastic motor cover will need to be removed in order to gain access to the back side of the safety button. The motor cover has screws that hold it together which will need to be removed, then the motor cover can be taken apart to see if the wire can be reattached to the back side of the safety button.

Please let me know how it goes.
Do you think this is the reason why my Crazy Cart doesn't move, and what do I buy to fix this wire

The chances are pretty good that the fallen wire is causing the Crazy Cart to not run. If there is an intact connector on the end of the fallen wire then it should be able to be pushed back into the back side of the switch and no parts will be needed. However if there is a chunk of broken switch on the end of the wire then the switch will need to be replaced or bypassed. If you need a new safety button switch then I will have to check with Razor to see if they still carry it. If they don't carry it then it looks like a fairly common switch to me and I can most likely find another place to source them from.

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