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Something odd with my TaoTao 801

So first during all this the key was in and the ignition was on.I hit a scooter turned off.I got home and plugged on the charger,I got a yellow light and a red light on the charger and the scooter turned back on. I gave it some throttle and the lights on the charger both went red. Then I turned the ignition off.disconnected the battery( under the seat turned it from on to off ) and the charger went back to one yellow and one red light. While the battery was disconnected I put the key back in the ignition and turned it on. The scooter turned I'm wondering what's going on with the scooter and why it works when the battery isn't connected but ignition is on with the charger plugged in. And why the scooter doesn't work with no charger plugged in, and ignition on. Any ideas?

This sounds like it could be a problem with the battery connectors or the wiring harness. When something turns off when you hit a bump that is usually from a loose or faulty connector or a faulty wire. The first thing I would do is check the battery pack and make sure that all of the connectors are on the batteries tightly and also check the wiring and connectors between the battery connectors and control module.

Please let me know how it goes.

hi,thanks for the suggestion/information/guidance. I made a diagram of the batteries under this to help explain.So,I took the seat off and looked at the batteries. being a 60V I have 5 of them. 3 run parallel with the tires, and 2 are perpendicular.

ok so of the 5 batteries, the closest perpendicular battery to the front tire(1), the - is connected to the bike(not to the on/off battery disconnect switch) then +1 is connected to the -2. +2 is connected -3.+3 is connected to -4.+4 is connected to -5 and the + of that battery(5) is connected to the on/off battery disconnect switch. what happened was the wire that connected +4 and -5,was touching the wire that was connecting +2 and -3.the + of 2,- of 3 and + of 4, were just burnt to hell and there was black soot everywhere. battery 1 and 5 look ok, the connecters are still bright and shiny,with no burnt marks on them, so I now batteries 2,3,4 are done and need to be replaced, but should I just replace all 5 of them even though 2 didn't get fried?


l       +            l       --         l         +             l    <---- this + to on/off battery disconnect switch                        

I                     l                  l                        l

I         (3)       l       (4)       l         (5)           l

I                     l                  l                        l

I                     l                  l                        l

I        --          l       +          l        --             l      


l (this corner burnt)                                   l

l    +                   (2)                          --      l 

l                                                                l    

l---------------------------------------------------- l    } + and - connected here.

l                                                                l

l   --                    (1)                           +     l      <----- neg on this connect to the bike

l                                                                l 


                    front tire here

It is best practice to replace all of the batteries in a battery pack at the same time and with the same brand and model of batteries. Different brands of batteries have different plate and electrolyte chemistries and mixing batteries with different chemistries together in the same battery pack can cause unbalanced Voltages between the individual batteries which will cause the batteries to wear out and fail much faster than normal.

For example if two brands of batteries are mixed into one battery pack, one of the battery brands may have lighter or less pure plates and will discharge faster than the other brand. This will eventually cause an imbalance in the Voltages between the different batteries. For example one brand of battery may discharge to 11 Volts while the other brand discharges to 12 Volts. These uneven Voltages between batteries will not be corrected during recharging because the batteries are wired in series and charged as a whole. The unevenness of the battery Voltages will increase with every discharge and recharge cycle until one of the batteries is charging to a higher Voltage than it can handle and another battery is not being charged to a high enough Voltage and is suffering from being under charged.

I know that this is a complicated answer to your question. A much simpler answer is that you should replace all five batteries even though two of them are still good.

thank you for your help. I will defer to your knowledge and pick up 5 new batteries, sometime after payday.

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