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Razor Crazy Cart Won't Run

Have a crazy cart black drift cart. Will not run at all. Power light is on, so I believe I have battery power, however it wont function at all. Please help don't know where to start.

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The most common problems with Crazy Carts are the motor wires breaking and the foot throttle magnet coming unglued from inside of the throttle. They can also have other problems such as worn out batteries and burned out control modules but those are not the most common problems these days.

There is a lot of information on troubleshooting Razor Crazy Carts on this forum at the following links:

If the problem with your Crazy Cart can not be discovered after reading the forum links above then please let us know and we will be glad to help further diagnose the problem.

I have a Crazy Cart that is less than 1 year old.  I recently charged it and it hasn't worked since.  The light on the battery comes on when switched.  When you press the pedal the wheel/motor clicks and moves slightly for 1 second.  I bought new batteries but I don't want to replace yet.  I also checked wiring and did not notice any crimps.  Any suggestions?

Since the wheel moves slightly for 1 second that indicates that the power switch, fuse, wiring, controller, and motor are working so I would start off by load testing the battery pack. Usually when the wheel spins momentarily and then stops it is due to a worn out or faulty battery pack. Here is a link to our battery load testing guide:

Please let us know how it goes.

I am having a problem with my sons cart,it powers on but when you press on the foot pedal all you hear is a click,I checked all the wires and they all seem connected good,any other ideas thanks in advance

If all of the wiring and connectors are good then it is most likely has a faulty or worn out battery pack. I would plug the battery charger into the cart and let the batteries charge for a couple of hours and then prop the cart up on something so the front wheel is off of the ground. Then with the battery charger still plugged into the cart and wall turn the cart on and slowly press the foot pedal. If the wheel spins with the charger plugged in, and then stops spinning with the charger unplugged, the battery pack is causing the problem and will need to be replaced.

If the wheel does not spin with the charger plugged in then it is most likely to be a different problem. Please let us know how it goes.

Ok thanks I have it plugged in and will let you know if that works

I have the same problem.  The wheel doesn't spin even w/ the charger plugged.  What's the next thing to check?


I have this same problem also. Batteries charged and it only clicks and moves the wheel for a second. Tried with charger plugged in and same problem. Controller ?

We recommend performing more tests before replacing the controller.

The plugging the charger in trick does not work every time especially if the batteries are old. When the controller clicks the problem is usually the battery pack. The next troubleshooting step we recommend is to test the Voltage of the battery pack with the power switch in the off position, and then turn the power switch on and fully press the throttle while watching the Voltage. If the Voltage drops under 23 Volts during this test then the battery pack is old, worn out, or faulty and needs to be replaced. The battery pack should start at around 27 Volts and should not drop more than a Volt or two if it is good.

The motor wires on Crazy Carts are also susceptible to breaking so with the power switch on and throttle fully pressed try slowly turning the steering wheel all the way from the left to right and see if the motor runs during this test. The motor wires may be to a point where it will not run the motor during this test though so the next test would be to unplug the motor from the controller and apply DC power to the motor's wires. This DC power could be taken directly from the battery pack or from a standard 12 Volt automotive battery charger.

Please let us know how it goes.

First my crazy cart wouldnt run when i turned the wheel more than 45 degrees after a few days it wouldnt run how ever i turned the wheel even tho if the batteries were fully charged and i checked the wires please help

It sounds like the copper wire strands have broken underneath the plastic insulation in one of the motor wires. 

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