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Razor Crazy Cart front tire wobble

Got my sons a CC for Christmas. Pull it out if the box, only two things to do.... Attach steering wheel and charge it. So that's what I did... From the very first attempt, the steering wheel and front tire has wobbled violently when the boys try to drive straight. When they try to turn, it pulls to one side or tries to pull them back straight. Almost like a car alignment problem. I'm not going to try and drive it (too big for the kid version) so I can only tell you what I see and how they describe it. I've tightened the steering wheel as tight as humanly possible, taken it off and reinstalled it, and searched everywhere for other posts concerning this problem to no avail. Any thoughts? Driving me crazy. :) Thanks for any thoughts.

This is the first time that I have heard of this particular problem with a Razor Crazy Cart so I suspect that it might have been damaged in shipping or in the store before you purchased it.

This sounds to me like it could be a bent axle or broken rim. The axle is made of steel and could be bent, and the rim is made of aluminum so it is brittle and more prone to breaking than bending. It could also be a problem with the tire or a problem with the way the tire was mounted on the rim. I recommend unplugging the battery pack from the cart so the motor can not run, and then turning the Crazy Cart on its side (preferable on a carpet so it does not get scratched) and inspecting the front wheel by turning it by hand and seeing if it is true or if it has a wobble to it. If the front wheel has a wobble then you should be able to get it replaced under warranty if the cart was purchased new.

Please let us know how it goes.

Mine also had the death wobble. I found the stem nut was not even close to tight.

My kids cart had the same problem. I simply took of the steering wheel and tighten the large nut that sits below where the wheel goes in. Then it was totally stabke when the kids took it out. Hope this helps.
Hi ESP Support, Christopher, and Chicker.... Thanks for the ideas. I'm traveling for work and haven't had to opportunity to try these ideas out, but I really appreciate you taking the time to post them. I'll get to it tomorrow and report back here any results. I hope it's the stem nut, I didn't even think about trying that. More to come! Thanks again!
I am confident that is what is wrong with yours. Take off the wheel, then there are two large nuts below it. Take off the top one and then tighten the bottom one. Turn the drive wheel by hand to make sure you dont tighten the stem nut too much, tighten it down where it takes the slop out but does not introduce drag in turning the drive wheel.
Well, I tried, and tried, and tried again to tighten, re-tighten, loosen, tighten again, etc. that neck nut. And nothing worked. It still wobbles like a maniac. So I called Razor, and as soon as I mentioned the problem, the phone person said "it's a ball bearing problem, we are going to send you a new front wheel and casing. You'll have to do the labor, but it's easy." We will see about that... Frustrating. So now I'm on hold waiting for the part. :( Really sucks the thing has to sit for another week. If this doesn't resolve the problem, I'm taking it back to Walmart and getting a different one.

Faulty wheel bearings must be a fairly common problem if Razor knew exactly what  part you needed as soon as you mentioned the problem. I am interested to know if replacing the front wheel helps. Please let me know how it goes after you finish replacing the front wheel and have someone give it a test drive.

Hi everyone, Sorry for the delayed response. It took almost 2 weeks to get the part from Razor, and then the blizzard hit right on top of where I live... No chance to repair and try it out. But today we finally did, and it worked perfectly. I had to replace the entire front wheel system, not hard, but not super easy either. Razor knew exactly what the problem was, and sent us the right part. At least I'm comfortable changing tire now when it's time. Thanks again for everyone's help. It much appreciated. Hope this helps someone else in the future.

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