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can i pair a 12v 7.5 with a 12v 55AH deep cycle with my city bug

That's all I'd like to know. Thanks for the help.

Unfortunately that will not work. All batteries in a battery pack need to have the same Ah rating otherwise their Voltages will become unbalanced during discharge and recharge cycles and the difference in Voltages will continually increase until one of the batteries is undercharged and the other one is overcharged to the point of failure. Both batteries need to have the same Ah rating. Both batteries should also be the same brand and same age, otherwise the same unbalanced Voltage problem could occur due to differences between the batteries.

Thanks thats what i thought. Do this would take some time though correct? Also if i use separate chargers & only connect them while actually in use i shouldn't do to much damage should I? One couldn't blow up or ruin the motor is my biggest concerns
My brother's a computer tec so i get the batteries free.
With different brand or age batteries it might take some time, however with different Ah batteries it might happen right away.  Using separate 12V chargers for each battery will balance the Voltage between them. There is no risk of damaging the motor by using mismatched batteries.


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