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EVT 168 controller

I have a magnificient near new EVT 168 scooter but it has had a fault in the controller. It appears a couple of points on the circuit board have shorted (see pics)

Anyone know where I can get another controller?



I would start by contacting Bravo Electric Vehicles at this link:

If an original controller is available they would be the ones who have it or know who does. If you do not have any luck getting and OEM controller through Bravo then an aftermarket controller could be custom installed on the scooter to get it running again.

Please let me know how it goes.

Much appreciate your help however each time I try to contact them I get an internal error??

Do you think an auto electrician would help?



Hi Bryan, I just tried their online message form and got the same error. I found their phone number and it is 360-671-7703.

I just called this number and it works and goes to their auto attendant. It is after 5pm right now so I could not reach a person at that number. You may want to try calling them during business hours and see if you can get through. Please let me know how it goes.

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