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Emmo monster 2015 need help with repair after break down

i was having issues with the wet weather and the break switch was shorting out but i figured that out and on my way home it was foggy and up hill with passenger rear drive hub gave a noise then it started free spinning in side  then it stopped all together i have it apart and checked the controller for a burnt smell i have it down to a throttle issue or motor censer that has broken but im new and need help and advice please can you help me

If the motor was free spinning inside of the wheel then there may be a gear that broke inside the wheel. The broken gear may have crashed into an electrical part in the wheel which stopped the motor from running. There is nothing that the controller can do to make the motor spin free inside of the wheel so the problem should be with the wheel instead of the controller. I would start by carefully taking the wheel apart and seeing if there are any broken parts inside of it. Please let me know how it goes.

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