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My self balancing electric scooter makes a full circle

I bumped into a wall with the electric scooter after that the two half's make a full circle.
I watched your attached video and see the problem. That could be caused by the pin which keeps the two halves of the balance scooter from spinning in a full circle, or from the hole breaking that the pin fits in or travels in.

I would start by taking the plastic body off of the scooter and inspecting the frame where the two halves meet together. You should be able to see what the problem is in that area and see if the pin fell out and needs to be reinstalled or if the hole that the pin fits in or travels in is broken. Worst case scenario is that the frame will need to be replaced.

I strongly recommend to not use the balance board until the frame is fixed or replaced because when one of the scooter's halves makes a full circle it twists the wires inside of the frame which could damage them or the electrical boards that they are attached to.

           Self Balancing Scooter Frame

Thank you but from ehere i can buy the frame please if from this site give me a link
We are out of self balancing scooter frames right now so I recommend searching on eBay for "balancing scooter frame". There you will find many of them for sale.

I bought a self-balancing electric scooter (Segway Mini Pro). But, now I have to face some problems regarding scooter frame. It's not working properly. Could you share some advice about this?

What type of problem are you having with the self-balancing scooter's frame?

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