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What the range of price of a hoverboard should I go for


Recently, I saw some reports about fake and low quality hoverboards that got exploded. So what should I go with the safety one? I mean the price, brand, and features. Please help.

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You cannot put a price on safety so for the safest and highest quality hoverboard we believe that the Razor Hovertrax is the best choice. Razor is the largest and most experienced company that makes hoverboards.

Here are links to their current Hovertrax models:



You could probably check the Swagtron board out. There's a sale at the moment:



Thanks for your suggestion. Yarh, I saw some great brands that I can go for. I did research and find the site states that there is a variety of price range with different brands. I will consider to choose razor or swagtron.

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