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Hoverboard only Powers up when charging

I got a Veeko hoverboard. I really don't know anything about it. I put it on the charger, charger light went briefly red then green. If I turn in the board it Powers up but won't move, the lights on to say battery is fully charged, I when tried calibrating it like this it beeped and flashed and all, but when I unplug charger, no power, won't turn on. Nothing. Any ideas? Bad battery maybe?

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It sounds like the battery may be bad or the battery could simply have unplugged itself and needs to be plugged back into the motherboard. 

When I purchased the hoverboard, face the same problem. I changed the battery and now it is working perfectly. 

I also think of bad battery.but before changing your battery you should reset your board once.In order to reset or recalibrate your hoverboard, you need to make sure your hoverboard is turned off and it's sitting level with the ground on its wheels.

Without moving your hoverboard, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. Ignore all flashing lights and beeps in this 10 seconds. Then let go of the power button and turn the hoverboard off. The hoverboard is now reset and ready to be turned on.

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