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replacement charger help

I need to purchase a replacement charger for my daughters self balancing scooter she got for Christmas (yes already ugh).  The model on the box of the scooter is T6SE and the charger is Model JY-294150.  I can't find anything that seems like it's a fit except for one on ebay direct from China.  Can anyone out there help me :-/ I have really upset 9 year old ....  thanks 

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We may have a charger that is compatible. On the charger's label, what is printed after the word OUTPUT: ?

29.4 V ------1.5A Max


The self balancing scooter battery charger that we carry has an output of 42V 2A so it is not compatible with your scooter and unfortunately we do not carry any 29.4 Volt self balancing scooter battery chargers at the moment.

This is the first time we have heard of 29.4 Volt self balancing scooters though so we will carry 29.4V 1.5A battery chargers for them soon.

What type of plug does the 29.4V charger have on it?


Please let us know if you have any questions.
Did you all every get this type of charger. My child got this same hoover board for Christmas from wal mart sale.

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