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City Bug® e2 Electric Scooter Parts

I'm looking for a part of the City Bug® e2.

However, City Bug® e2 is in part is not hard to find old...

Its parts are gear something like that to tie the tires and motor

My City Bug E2 does not operate because it is worn as can be seen well in the picture below.

Whether I components, such as the following gear is to come it?
Do you such things as alternatives exist?

(1.22 MB)
(2.02 MB)
(1.94 MB)
Hi Yuji, that part is what we call a friction drive roller. The City Bug e2 scooter has not been made for over 10 years so most parts for it are not available anymore. A couple of years ago I talked with the owner of the company in Taiwan that made the City Bug e2 scooter and asked if he had or could produce parts for it and he said no. So all of the parts for the e2 scooter with exception of the batteries and battery charger are obsolete and no longer available. I recommend refurbishing the existing friction drive roller by filing new grooves into it, or having a new one custom made by a machine shop.

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