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Better Battery LIfe


Can you please suggest which battery life and average is better "LiFePO4" or "Lithium Battery"


Hi Akshansh, Lithium Battery is a general term that refers to any type of  Lithium battery, while LiFePO4 refers specifically to Lithium iron phosphate batteries. With exception to Lithium Titanate batteries LiFePO4 batteries have the lowest specific energy of the remaining Lithium battery types, which means that they have less energy stored in them for their size and weight. However LiFePO4 batteries are superior to most other Lithium battery types in regards to the amount of Amps they can continuously output and also in regards to thermal stability or how much heat they generate while they are being used and recharged. Although LiFePO4 batteries are among the safest Lithium battery types they are still prone to overheating if too high of an Amp load is placed upon them during usage or recharging, because they can only dissipate the overcharge or overdraw of energy in the form of heat. For use in electric scooters and bikes which inherently have high Amp draws on their batteries LiFePO4 batteries are the safest type of Lithium battery to use. All electric scooter and bike manufacturers use LiFePO4 batteries in their vehicles these days.

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